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Fighting, struggling, clawing to write this post.  Couldn’t get it out, no matter how I tried.  Three days prior —migraine headaches, heaviness and an unshakeable restless feeling.  Then Dec 11, 2013 all hell broke loose and God’s glory stepped in….

You are regular target. The devil is out to get you and he will stop at nothing to take you out!  I can’t stress enough that we must wake up and realize that daily we are engaged in a very real spiritual battle. You must understand this is all out war.  The devil seeks to kill, steal and destroy and his ultimate goal is to lead you to an eternity of torment in hell.   Regular weapons won’t help to win this battle.  Rockets, missiles and hand grenades are of no use here. To win this spiritual war you need supernatural spiritual weapons.  In prior posts we have looked at how Praise and worship, discernment and prayer are invaluable tools in spiritual warfare.  Today we will examine the blood of Jesus.

These past  2.5 weeks have been none like I have ever experienced. It started when I found out that a church brother had terminal brain cancer.  Doctors said there was nothing left to be done. What? This couldn’t be?  Ours paths crossed  for the first time just 9 months ago when I had the privilege to serve with him during a mission trip to Haiti.  His positive attitude, his unmistakable light, his  kindness and infectious optimism made him impossible  not to love.  He had plans to return to the next mission trip to Haiti.   By this new development with him I was shocked and devastated. Apparently this had been something he had been dealing with for a while.  But you would never know by his demeanor and the beautiful light that shone through him wherever he went—he was the same Joel Jean Baptiste.  Hadn’t I just recently spoken to him up to 2 months ago or so in bible study?  Now he lay dying in a hospital bed with an inoperable brain tumor with bleeding to the brain…..

The saints quickly mobilized.  Word got out and suddenly prayers upon prayers were going out on behalf of Joel Jean-Baptise.  We “bombarded heaven” as the popular saying goes with requests, petitions, sometimes demands from God to heal Joel. God you are able. You are Jehovah Ropha–the God who heals. Is anything too hard for God? God you can do this! The prayers and hospital visits continued.  December 11 ,2013–Joel’s 35th birthday. He lay mostly unresponsive in the bed. People came out in droves–the outpouring of love and support were overwhelming for him.  A testament to the kind of person he was.  It was then that Ms Kerri-Ann Dacosta, gifted prayer warrior with an unmistakable anointing for intercessory prayer (praying to God on behalf of others) went to see Joel.  I wasn’t there to witness, but the reports were she prayed mightily and fervently.  Knowing Kerri-ann the way I did, I expected nothing less. But then coming out of the prayer, by Kerri-ann’s own account, the sudden onset of the worst headache she had experienced in her entire life. It would knock her to her knees, although she never lost consciousness.  God would have it that this would happen on the neurology floor where he would send an angel in the form of a caring and compassionate neurologist to immediately step in and wisely insist that Kerri-Ann go downstairs to the emergency room of the hospital and have a CT Scan. The finding–subarachnoid hemorrhage—-bleeding on the brain.  Oh did I mention that earlier that day, just a few hours before I got to the hospital to visit Joel and subsequently find out about Kerri-ann in the ER, that I got a call stating that my uncle, who is a father to me, had sudden onset upper back pain. A quick visit to the doctor, quick action and further investigation revealed a life threatening aortic dissection—a tear in the all of the main artery of the body with bleeding…..usually fatal within minutes.

Three people I knew.  Three people I walked with in different levels of intimacy and impacted my life in different ways. Three people with bleeding related affliction….

The blood is the source of life in the human body.  It carries oxygen and life- sustaining nutrients to every organ that keeps us.  It also removes the waste of carbon dioxide that threatens to kill us.  If our blood, in our limited sinful human state is the major life source of the human body, how much more is the blood of Jesus , the one in whom we live and move and have our being, the source that sustains every aspect of our lives?