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Ooh he/she  tried you! That was the lingo folks used growing up when somebody tested you; especially in terms of showing disrespect or pushing you to your limit. Like earlier this week between my plane landing late,  the splitting headache I had and the airline losing my luggage to boot,  I couldn’t help thinking:  man somebody is really trying me!  And I guarantee I was right. As long as you are living, breathing and existing on this earth expect to be tried.  You better believe you are going to be tested. The trial most often comes from the Enemy, but bear in mind our loving God will also test us to make us better.  The key to passing any test is preparation.  Know the material you will be tested on.   Although this list is not all inclusive, we are often tested in 4 main areas in our lives:  our strengths, weaknesses, desires and familial/generational  issues.  Let’s first look more closely at how we are tested in our strengths and weaknesses:
We all have been created with unique gifts, talents and abilities. But beware!  It’s like the devil  is watching and saying:   “Oh yeah?  You think you’re so good? We will see about that.”
In the book of  Job, when Satan presented himself before God after roaming the earth afflicting mankind, God challenged Satan to test Job.  Why?  Because God could confidently say “…there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil” (Job 1:8, NKJV).   Job’s strengths:  righteousness and faithfulness toward God was what the Lord allowed Satan to attack. But as Job’s Creator, He knew how He designed Job and what Job  could handle.  As the story goes, at the Lord’s allowance Satan kills Job’s family, wipes out his possessions, inflicts him with horrible skin sores and he is ostracized from his community.  But in the end, as the Lord knew he would be, Job was faithful to God and remained righteous.  He did not curse God despite his trials and in the end God blessed him with even more than he had before he was attacked.
We have to recognize that the  same way the devil attacked Job, is the same way we may be tried in our own gifts and strengths.  For example, if you have a gift of discernment, expect the devil to send a fraud cleverly disguised  as something they are not.   If your strong point is showing mercy, someone will come that will make it difficult to show mercy to.   As a prophet,  you may be tested in how you hear and deliver the truth of God’s message.   As a teacher, a challenging student is going to try you in the teaching gift.  In any and all areas  of our gifts we  can be tested.  But rest assured that if the Lord allowed it, these challenges are designed to mature, strengthen and take us to higher levels in our talents and our abilities.  Like Job, if you allow the test to accomplish it’s purpose, you will only come out better in the end.
2) Weaknesses
Remember the devil’s ultimate goal is to kill, steal and destroy.  The best way to do that is to attack you in the areas where you are the most vulnerable and the most weak.  For example, as a person with an addictive personality, suddenly you may find yourself surrounded by opportunities to dabble with addictive substances.  If you struggle with lust, watch out for the trap sent to lure you into  dishonoring your marriage.  Is patience  your struggle?  You may have to experience some delays to beat down impatience.   With my quick temper, I’m always being tested on exercising restraint.  If I’m honest sometimes I pass; sometimes I fail.  But the key is to become stronger in those areas over time.   In cooperation with the transforming power of God’s Holy Spirit, those weaknesses will no longer be weaknesses anymore.
So yes.. the devil tests us to destroy us.  But check the flip-side with our God.   If we endure, He uses every test to sharpen us, mature us and draw us closer to Him. He makes all things, even the difficulties, work together for our good.   In our trials we are not alone.  We can always rely on His power and strength to get us through and you will never get to know God more intimately than when you are tested.   Be confident He has every answer.  With Him by your side you cannot fail.  In the next post, we will look at how how we are tested through our desires and in familial issues.  Remember in every test there is a testimony….and yet still I rise.
With peace and blessings may you continue to rise always,