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Have you ever been disobedient?  Instructed to do something by some figure of authority and just flat out didn’t do it? It’s something we have all been guilty of at some point in our lives.   You don’t have to walk this earth too long before you find yourself committing that all too familiar offense of disobedience.  You may have disobeyed your parents in childhood, that supervisor on the job or even worse the Lord God Almighty Himself.  It’s one thing if you bear the consequences of your own disobedience, but what if your disobedience negatively impacted others?  Would you be more cognizant or intentional about obeying if the direction of someone’s life rested in your obedience?

The Lord has been gently nudging me to do a health blog.  I didn’t directly refuse to do it per se.  But let’s just say I have been delaying it 🙂 However, since I wasn’t going to get off that easily, He brought back to my remembrance a revelation He gave me way back in November  2012 in regards to the following scripture, as He was instructing Noah about building the ark:

Genesis 6:20, (NKJV)= Of the birds after their kind, of animals after their kind and of every creeping thing of the earth of it’s kind, two of every kind will come to you to keep them alive.

I tell you this was such a revelation to me!  Ladies and gentleman do you realize that the Lord is sending people of all types, from all walks of life to us and He is using us to keep them alive?   It is our responsibility to keep them alive. This will mean different things for different people.  We may be called to keep them physically alive by our medical training and gifts in healing; keep them alive by interceding in prayer; keep them alive  by teaching and sharing knowledge; being a conduit of God’s love— healing their broken souls and spirits in speaking a kind word or simply being a  light in the dark places.  But ultimately and most importantly we keep them alive by showing the way to salvation and eternal life in Christ Jesus. We are living in detrimental times and lives are literally dependent on us. Dependent on our obedience to God, obedience to His direction and obedience to fulfilling our purpose in this life on earth.  We truly have to  become  so alive in Christ that we can in turn be used to bring life to others.  Let us pray God grants us the grace and ability to save every life He puts in our path for His glory.

So I end by saying, in the spirit of obedience I have taken the first step in beginning my health blog, When You Consider Your Body God’s Temple available at  I thank you for your support and prayers in advance as I embark on this next leg of the journey to answer the call.  Please know that obedience to the Master will always cause you to rise….and yet still I rise.

With peace and blessing may you continue to rise always,


Living in NY city, more often than not you may stumble upon people sleeping on subways cars, under bridges or passed out along walkways or sidewalks with nowhere else to lay their head.   Driving along the street you might glimpse a disheveled man holding out a sign with some sort of plea for food or assistance in some way.  In many of the subway stations as you hasten to work you may rush past a man or woman sitting forlornly in a wheelchair begging for change, hear the faint voice of some poor soul talking animatedly in deep conversation with no one other than themselves or come across the even worse scenario that I personally witnessed of the old man talking to the garbage can and attempting to reprimand it by beating it with his belt.

Their lives, their circumstances, their story screams out BONDAGE!  But they are not alone.  Most if not all of us may have been and continue to be bondage in one form or another.  The financial bondage of debt and economic struggle; bondage of toxic relationships in dating, marriages, family issues and unhealthy friendships; the emotional bondage of insecurity, fear, doubt, anxiety; the bondage of sin and how it leads to destruction and unfulfillment in this life.  Paul, one of the greatest apostles in the history of Christianity and responsible for the majority of the writings of the New Testament of the bible, was stoned, beaten, falsely accused, jailed and constantly scandalized all for the purpose of his  spreading the message of Jesus Christ. You can scarcely find a Sunday sermon where Paul’s writings are not mentioned; his words are that impactful and still speak to us today.   Fast forward to July 29, 2013, riding the E train, a simple statement from the great apostle Paul would forever change and broaden my perspective on things.  Paul sitting in a prison in Rome writes an encouraging letter to the church in Colosse,  a church he wanted to help steer in the right direction after they were influenced by false teachings. And in the  state of his physical bondage, Paul simply says to the people of Colosse “…remember my  chains. Grace be with you..” (Colossians 4:1, NKJV) in closing to the letter.  Remember my chains—-it just kept resounding in my head.  Remember my chains! Remember my chains! Remember my chains! You know it is so easy to get caught up in our own issues and become so self-absorbed in personal problems that we blindly become less sensitive to the needs of others. It is something we are all guilty of.  I can admit that sometimes after dealing with patients all day, straining to balance my own challenges and feeling the weight of the struggles of family and loved ones, there are times I just can’t bear to deal with another thing.  It’s not that you don’t care, but it can be tiresome and overwhelming–there is so much to juggle in this life.  This life is not easy. But there are those who are crying out, ” REMEMBER MY CHAINS!” Paul was able to articulate it.  Some people can’t or don’t know how.  Paul was in physical bondage.  But because he had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit, he was spiritually free.  The bible says where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.  So many today however, beyond physical bondage are more confined by the spiritual, emotional and mental bondage that the devil uses to keep them in captivity.  The man beating the inanimate garbage can to the voice in his own head is pleading:  Remember my chains!  The children in Africa daily dying from hunger, desperate for just a grain of rice is screaming:  Remember my chains!  The girls as young as 8 years old in Thailand raped over and over again, sold into a life of sexual slavery and torment are begging:  Remember my chains! That seemingly annoying coworker who seems to want to chatter about her endless problems when you just want to go home at the end of the day is saying:  Remember my chains.  They may not say it outright but you see it in the desperation of their situations, you feel it in their hurt and pain, you see it in the hopelessness of their eyes or in some cases their dysfunctional behavior.

You know, extension and intercession are two great ways  you can change someone’s life and situation for the better. When you extend your focus, your energy and your motives beyond you and your agenda and extend yourself out to serve others, God can use you as a powerful life-changing tool.  Extend your resources and your tangible blessings such as food, clothing and money to help those in need.  In reality, a lot of us may already do that.   But can you go one step further and extend you?  When you extend and give of yourself in intangible ways such as time, an encouraging word or embrace, being a listening ear or a source of strength and support to someone, the difference you make in that other person’s life is invaluable.  And perhaps the best thing you can do for anyone and they never have to know it, is to intercede or stand in intercession on behalf of someone in prayer. We can so easily spend  time talking to God and asking God about our own needs.  But God is well pleased when we take our eyes off of ourselves and implore Him to bless, help, have mercy, deliver and turn someone else’s situation around for the better.  It was my discipleship teacher the Reverend Julia Russell who shared with us that even when seeing the homeless on the street, passing a car accident or faced with any unfavorable situation where you may not even know the person, simply saying Lord have mercy for this person or this situation opens the channel for God to move on their behalf even when they don’t think or know to do so for themselves.   When you go before God to meet the needs of others, don’t be surprised when He takes care of you and blesses you without you even asking.

Many of us are blessed because someone remembered our chains and God used them to bless us.  Will you take more time to pay attention and attend to the cries of those saying, “Remember my chains.” ? When you help break chains and bring freedom in the lives of others, God will surely bless you and cause you to rise higher….and yet still I rise.

With peace and blessings may you continue to rise always,