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Hello there,

I know its been quite a while! Still here we are at installment #7 of — “Yep….I See You Jesus!” He’s still speaking all around us. So here we go!

Some of the best advice I’ve heard on several occasions is to intentionally try to meet God daily. In other words we must become attuned to where He is active, present and very much at work in our lives and the world around us despite the negativity that threatens to overshadow His glory and bring discouragement on our respective journeys.  Hence in my attempt to adhere to that wisdom and keep my eye on Jesus, I would love to share with you (whenever time allows, I’m not too lazy to write and for as long as I feel I should do it lol) an example of where I see God daily, especially through my encounters with people and in the lives of others.


As I sat baffled by this NY weather that seems to keep clinging to remnants of winter, I couldn’t help but think back to my birthday  weekend about 2 months ago, when I took a hike along some beautiful trails in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  The faint rush of a small stream, the otherworldly gleam of a snow so white and the army of bare-limbed trees standing at attention protectively all around us were all welcomed distractions from  the biting, bone-chilling cold.  The destination—the majestic waterfall that the hotel attendant kept raving about.  The route—a good mile or more by foot.  As I walked, I couldn’t help but notice the hundreds of footprints of different sizes, shapes and depths dotted along the packed snow.  As a matter of fact it was the friendly attendant again who mentioned that the snow, although quite a bit in accumulation, was probably packed down enough to be able to still walk the trails.



As I walked atop however many inches of snow and ice, I tried my best to find different ways to avoid sustaining a really serious fall. I took my steps gingerly, trying desperately to make use of the patches of  grass and mud I spotted periodically,  until eventually I developed the bright idea of walking  within the path of the footprints I saw. But it turned out that idea was not so bright after all.  Some footprints were way too small and my attempts to step into them would just cause my foot to get entangled. Some were way too big, causing me to sink deeper than if I tried to walk my own path.  No footprint matched my own exactly, until I just finally gave up and decided to walk my own path.  I slipped and slid quite a few times, but despite going down I kept pushing  until I finally reached my destination—and boy was it worth it! A stair-step of smaller falls which led to a larger fall in a quiet secluded space.  Were it not for the cold, I could have sat in the stillness and beauty of that cove for hours.  Yet that hike reminded me of how God works.



Like the general  packed down snow I  walked on, many people, whether it be  distant ancestors, trailblazers, immediate family, colleagues, mentors or even people you never knew existed have walked before us and  created a general path that provides the opportunities we have today. But like the individual footprints that dotted the trail ways in my Poconos experience, in the end every person must walk their own unique path. You will never feel comfortable or get far trying to replicate or walk in the footsteps of others. Believe me I had some of the aches and pains to prove it! God in his creativity, love and wisdom has ordered your steps uniquely to reach your appointed destination.  Yet just like those before us, if we allow God through the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to do so, we can add to that terrain so that others may have a solid foundation to walk into their own destiny. Understand that your footprints create a space to allow purpose to bloom in others!  Your footsteps form firm foundations for others to follow……yep I see you Jesus.

And Yet Still I Rise

With peace and blessings may you continue to rise always,


I have always loved the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou.  So much so that for years, my email username has been some variation with the name “still I rise” in it.  So it only made sense when the Lord gave me the name “And Yet Still I Rise” for this blog.  I really feel that God is calling me to be  very real on this blog—open and transparent.   Now I am not  a fool—not going to put all my business out there.  But really honest in showing that I have my faults, my downfalls and shortcomings, but by His grace and mercy—yet still I rise.  A few weeks ago someone said to me that I always seem to have things together.  That I move and do things with such grace.  I was flattered and humbled, but also shocked by it at the same time. I thought to myself…me?!  Girl if you only knew.  And I told her as much. If she is seeing something like that, then God is glorified because she is only seeing God in me.  It is certainly not me in my own capacity.  Yet,  that’s how awesome God is–He has a way of making you look good even when you’re not all that good.

And then “my journey to answer the call.”  What call you may ask?  My call to become all who has predestined me to be.  To reach my maximal potential and fulfill my unique purpose on this earth.

I am not unique in this.  It’s not like God is saying, “I want only Tanesha or Jill or Paul to live a full life.”  Oh no! —this is God’s desire for everyone here on earth. He has a wonderful plan for all of our lives.  He desires to transform you into all He has fashioned you to be and accomplish all He has destined you to accomplish.   Our purposes  are all encompassed in the simple fact that we were all created and called to love and serve God first and serve our fellow man second.  Everything hinges on these 2 premises.  It’s right there in the bible.

30 And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’[a] This is the first commandment.[b] 31 And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’[c] There is no other commandment greater than these.”  (Mark 12:30-31, NKJV).

We weren’t created to just look good, prosper and enjoy life for our own selfish gain.  When you truly understand that we are here to serve God and serve each other  in everything we do regardless of our positions in life  and live according to those guidelines, God is faithful to transform you if you yield and let Him.  You only have to be a willing channel for Him to use you and watch Him work.  It  all begins by genuinely accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, inviting him to take control of your life and live for him.  The sad truth is that many people never or only partially fulfill their purpose and never become all  God has created them to be.  This may happen because people reject God and Jesus Christ all together or even if they accept Jesus as their savior, they reject God’s perfect, divine, beyond human understanding plan for their lives.  They struggle through life trying to fulfill their own plan.  You want to go here, do this and move this way, while God is saying go there, do that and move that way.  Don’t get me wrong—God is merciful and kind, even to those who don’t fully accept Him. Hence, why you will see people who don’t necessarily follow or live for God, who by wordly standards at least are successful and prosperous.  They may have wealth, power, influence, education and status.  While at the same time may be lacking spiritually, wrestle with feelings of unfulfillment or suffer from all manner of emotional affliction.

Does it mean we are all going to be millionaires, have multiple cars and homes and a Harvard degree? Absolutely not.  Our specific purposes are different and it may be that you will not be financially wealthy, attend a prestigious school or have the 2 story house with 2 children, the dog and the white picket fence.  But whether you are a doctor, sanitation worker, pastor or housekeeper–God has created you with unique gifts, talents and skills to fulfill a specific purpose for Him.    You are valuable here on earth and you are valuable to God.  And when you live for God and let His will be done in your life, although you may not be wealthy in material earthly things,  you will be wealthy in eternal things–in the things of the soul and the spirit. You will have eternal life.  You will have the unspeakable love, joy and peace of God despite what you face here on earth.    Let me tell you guys, there was a time when I literally lost my mind and thought I was going to stray away from my purpose.   Are you familiar with the the book turned film by Terri McMillan called “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”?  My life was very parallel to that book.  Tanesha  definitely had her groove back. Traveling back and forth, dating someone from the Caribbean long distance and just living it up.  The man was fine and treated me well too yall (smile). Ladies you know we can lose our minds when we find a half decent man.  I just lost all sense of logic and good judgement.  So I decided …I’m tired of medicine.  I was just plain burned out.  I thought to myself I can do this medicine thing a little longer, eventually retire on an island and open a  little sandwich shop and sell sandwiches and pina coladas on the beach.  And I was serious yall !  Needless to say that plan was a negative and God had to tap me on the shoulder and say “ma’am..I don’t think so.”  Ok, it was not just a tap but a full slap down! However, God was merciful to bring me back to reality.  Did I really think with how far God had brought me and the way He has blessed me, I was suppose to just abandon my purpose for my own selfish desires?  How selfish could I be? Just to show you how the devil can infiltrate and totally derail you from what God has for you.   Needless to say, praise God I am back on track.

I am totally about promoting instruments that have changed my life whether it be literature, people, wise words etc. One book that was truly life-changing for me and in simplified, powerful terms explains the importance and relevance of purpose is Rick Warren’s ” The Purpose Driven Life”.  In it he states that God has created us so that we can never be completely fulfilled unless we have HIM (God) in our lives.  Only He can fulfill every desire and longing in our soul. You may have all the material things in the world, yet  still feel empty, unfulfilled and lost if you are not living for God’s purpose and God’s way.  I truly believe to live your best life, your most fulfilling life and reach your full potential you have to accept His plans, dreams and desires for you.

Have I fulfilled some of my purpose here on earth?  I am sure to some degree I have.  Do I still have a way to  go to fully complete my purpose?  Absolutely— I have the entire rest of my life.  And yet still I rise….

May you continue to rise always

Peace and blessings,