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Some of the best advice I’ve heard on several occasions is to intentionally try to meet God daily. In other words we must become attuned to where He is active, present and very much at work in our lives and the world around us despite the negativity that threatens to overshadow His glory and bring discouragement on our respective journeys.
Hence in my attempt to adhere to that wisdom and keep my eye on Jesus, I would love to share with you (whenever time allows, I’m not too lazy to write and for as long as I feel I should do it lol) an example of where I see God daily, especially through my encounters with people and in the lives of others.
So here we are at entry #3.

We started out as ordinary coworkers—she was my medical assistant to be exact. She is an immigrant from Bangledesh while I am an immigrant from Jamaica. She is a devout Muslim, while I am a devout Christian. Between us there is about a 7 year age difference—no need to venture into the specific numbers. Yet despite our differences in just a few short years she has become a dear friend. It was one day at work that I broke down in tears and shared with her some heavy burdens I had been carrying in my personal life. Sure I had plenty of people to talk to and as a matter of fact I had confided in some close to me. But that particular day it was too much. That day, my Muslim friend from Bangladesh in the middle of a slow work day was a safe haven where I could be real, raw and vulnerable. She provided a space where I could bare my soul and receive the truth, comfort and gentle love I needed at that moment. Two people from very different worlds, yet God used her to minister to me about FAITH in a way that few people ever have– Christian or otherwise.

It’s easy to expect support from the likely staples in your life in the form of family and longtime friends. But only God can use the most unexpected circumstances and unlikely people to reach you just where you are when you need Him most. The light of Jesus shone through my new confidante that day despite our seemingly vast differences….yep I see you Jesus.

Side note: Thank you sis Sharon D. Highland for holding me accountable to keep posting after getting lax during the holiday. Lol. I so appreciate you. Iron sharpens iron. Blessings to you 🙂

First I want to thank all of you for your support.  Your  love and encouragement has been overwhelming and truly appreciated.   It is the best feeling when you are obedient to God and He confirms it through those He chooses to speak through—so again I truly thank you.

Being transparent, this sister here is a work in progress.  The devil put all kinds of thoughts in my head in regards to this  blog.  Things like “you can’t do this”; “nobody wants  to hear what you have to say”; “what are you going to write  about?”; “you’re going to look stupid”, and on and on. You know how he does.  Each time I would think about it, my stomach would twist in knots.  But I tell you when God is ready for you to move,  He will stay on you until He has His way.

The bible says “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21, NIV).  The word of God cannot lie.

Previously, I struggled to hear God speaking.  And don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still do.  But the more I walk with Him, the more I recognize His  still small voice  and to keep it real–God chat nuff!  Translation:  God talks a lot ( I am Jamaican and love my culture so if this blog is about me I definitely have to throw in our lingo).  He just kept speaking in different ways.  If you listen, He really is always speaking.

Two weeks ago while working on another project, is when I first felt in my spirit to do the  blog. A few days later while researching something on the internet, the nagging feeling about the blog came back.  I was trying to ignore it and then all of a sudden I stumbled on a page I wasn’t looking for at all.  Don’t even ask me how I got there.  Low and behold it was a blog page.  What was the title of the blog?  Something like “Ideas for blogging.”  And this is the kicker—it was written by a medical physician.  I was like “for real Lord?!  You are something else.”  I figured ok, this blogging thing must be for later on, once I get the other assignment I am working on  underway.  Ah!  Wrong!  God was ready to move now! Then a week ago, a good friend of mine was telling me how God had been giving her things to write and she wasn’t sure what to do with it.  And in my ear  God was like “hmmph…I’ve given you things to write too,  told you what to do and you haven’t done it.”  I just politely tuned Him out and continued on with the night.  However I didn’t rest well that night.   You know how it is when you don’t obey God—you feel uneasy and unsettled.  You just cannot rest.

The final push happened the day I sent out the first post, Sunday May 19, 2013. I had driven in from Connecticut after visiting a sick relative,  made a stop in Brooklyn and finally was home.  I wasn’t just exhausted yall.  I was disausted (a term coined by some of the country UM football players back in my college days that means extremely exhausted).   I jumped in bed early that night and  started watching Bishop Walter Thomas Sr. from New Psalmist Baptist Church on the Word network.  I will never forget it. The message  was “God Will Command Your Blessing.”    Paraphrasing, he was basically stating that when God sends your blessing, whether it be a person, situation, etc., He doesn’t just ask the blessing to come.  God doesn’t say to the blessing for instance “Hey.   Will you go over there and bless Tanesha?  Do you mind going  to her and blessing her?” God instead commands the blessing to move.  In a manner  like “get over there and bless my daughter.  Get in her life!  I command you to go over there and bless her”!  I wanted to cartwheel off of that alone.  I truly felt  that in my bones!  But the part that grabbed me was when he shouted something to the effect of, “Obey God.  I don’t know who I’m talking to who has something to do and think they can’t to do it, but obey God! Obey God”!  Let me tell you, he might as well have said, “Tanesha, obey God!”  Just put my name in there because he was straight talking to me.  God was talking to me through this man.  I just started crying.  I couldn’t even get up and praise like I wanted to because I  was so sore from working out.

(Yes yall. I started to try exercising regularly AGAIN as of 3 weeks ago and was sore like nobody’s business.  Wincing every time I took a step.  Isn’t the lactic acid and soreness that you experience when you first start suppose to wear off after a couple days?   Just to show you how out of shape I am.  Exercise blog post coming soon).

Anyway all I could do was  stretch my hand up in the air and wave.  After I watched the remainder of the sermon, I just said alright God.  I am doing this.  I am doing this now.  So stomach in knots, heart racing, I began to set up the blog page and write the first post. The more I wrote, the more the peace of God came over me and it just felt like I was writing to one of my good friends or family or something.  And here I am!

So you see, the devil tried to deter me from doing what God called me to do in this blog.  But thanks be to God I can look him in the face and say, despite your attempts, your roadblocks, your tactics—even me myself being my very own hindrance….by the grace of God yet still I rise…..

May you rise always.  Wishing you peace and blessings,


So low and behold….here I am doing my very first blog!  It seems surreal–ok let me be honest and say it is just unbelievable to me.  Sure blogging seems to be the “thing” to do these days.  It seems people are blogging about everything:  politics, music, art, religion, their business, my business, your business.  You name it, somebody is blogging about it.  Giving their viewpoint, experience, expertise or opinion.  But  those of you who know me well know this is definitely not me.    I am one of the most anti-technological ( is that a word?)  people out there.  I was the last in my group of college friends when email first came out; I dragged my feet forever before I finally signed up with Facebook; I was ridiculed just 2 weeks ago for saying number sign instead of hashtag when someone was showing me twitter.  You get my drift?  Just totally behind on these types of things.

Well when you walk with God let me tell you, He often yanks you out of your comfort zone and you find you are doing things you never thought you would do.  The Lord has been nagging me about this blog for a few weeks.  Yes I said nagging because every time I would try to push it to the back of my mind for later, it kept coming.  I didn’t even say anything about it to my family, my good girlfriends, no one.  I was terrified! This couldn’t be you God! Really?  But let me tell you how I know this is God.  Because there is no way that Tanesha of herself, in her own mind, in her own imagination  would ever dream up doing this.  Why?  Because blogging was never a dream or a goal of mine.  Yet here I am.   I literally had to just get up right at this moment and do this before I convinced myself once again of all the reasons not to do it.

 That being said, I will simply be blogging about my life, my journey, my experiences,  my thoughts.   So in essence  anything–childhood, life lessons, relationships, medicine, growth, etc. But ultimately because God is my life and Jesus Christ is my life source they have to be at the center of it all. They will certainly be making regular appearances.    This, as is everything in my life is all for God’s glory.

So at the risk of not making this too long I will end here.  Lord I don’t even know how long a blog is suppose to be or how often I should blog.  Is there blogging etiquette? Oh well, as I step out in faith I will learn as I go and the Lord leads.   And believe me this is a huge leap for me. Thank you in advance for all your much needed prayers and support.

Stay tuned for next time when I talk  about the name of the blog  and how I finally took the step to go forward.    And yet still I rise……..