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The mark of God is imprinted all around us, if we would just take time to notice. Here is installment #5 of “I see you Jesus.”

As I stepped out of my car, nearly tumbling into a helpless heap on a slick layer of ice and snow in my apartment complex, I couldn’t help but think how much I hated cold weather and wonder for the hundredth time why I was still in New York City. Oh snow! How I’ve had such a tumultuous perspective on this force of nature! It amazes me how much I love it from the comfort of my own bed when not forced to travel in it; or how beautiful it is when it falls in its natural glistening white color; or how fun it can be when frolicking in it for play. But my how quickly my mind shifts when having to navigate snow in my travels to work or anywhere else! Or even worse, when the gleaming white color is replaced by a blanket of urban dirt and filth. Yet as I walked gingerly down the path to my apartment, I am almost sure God put these thoughts in my head as a reminder that once again His mind is so much beyond what we can comprehend. Snow is just another way to water the earth in the cold season. Imagine! No water from snow, no fertile soil. No fertile soil, no foundation for plants and trees to grow. No plants or trees, no oxygen to breath. No oxygen, no possibility of life for most living beings….most noticeably human beings. Furthermore, what helps to fill our world’s rivers and streams throughout many continents? Look at the variety of wildlife, vital to the ecosystem that are designed to live and thrive in snow? All of these important functions and this was just my surface understanding.

So even in something as mundane and challenging as snow, God’s wisdom, grandeur and complexity are on display. And who but God could intentionally design something so vital and still install the added benefit of providing a means for fun?! Skiing or snow-tubing anyone? Yep….I see you Jesus