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  1. A few times I have heard the wise advise that we should intentionally try to meet God daily. In other words become attuned to where He is active, present, very much at work in our lives and the world around us despite the negativity that threatens to overshadow His glory and bring discouragement on our respective journeys.  So in my attempt to adhere to that wisdom and keep my eye on Jesus, I would love to share with you (whenever time allows, I’m not too lazy to write and for as long as I feel I should do it lol) an example of where I see God daily. Although God does such amazing things in our lives that it is so easy and don’t get me wrong appropriate to share our own testimonies, I hope to share more so about what I see God doing in and through the lives of others, even strangers. Or especially in the ways God meets me through random people. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES AS WELL AS I AM SURE IT WILL ENCOURAGE US ALL!
    So for my first entry of “I see you Jesus…” I want to share what happened this morning on my subway ride to the city. With the cold bleak weather, squeezed in with the throngs of people bustling to work on the dreaded F line, I was less than pleased to have to head out today. Yet sitting right in front of me, my irritation peaked at having to stand for the 40 minute ride, was the most beautiful display of father and daughter love to behold. Right in front of my eyes I could see a young Hispanic man, probably no older than 23 years old, shower his little 2 yr old princess with love. He gazed at her lovingly as she slept, nuzzled her while she giggled with delight, held her protectively from the crowd and the jostling of the train and handled her like she was the most beautiful treasure. In a Western world where increasingly men are absent from the family and especially men of certain minority ethnic groups get such a bad label, it was so nice to see this young man prove the stereotypes wrong and just love and treasure his little girl. I’m sure life is not perfect for this family as we all have our challenges, but several of us smiled as we watched their exchange the whole ride.
    Low and behold, I went to work with a better attitude and a smile on my face. Clearly, I saw God on that train this morning.
    If you don’t get it yet, GOD IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE LOVE. His beauty is everywhere if we just take the time to perceive it. Yep, I see you Jesus…

The way I sleep with my eyes half open, sometimes snoring if I’m really tired– He loves that. The way I suck my tongue ( ask Caribbean people what this means) and squeeze my pillow– He adores it. That fiery side– yep He loves that spice. My funny looking second long toe– He thinks its adorable. My singing off key in the shower– melts His heart. The way I come to Him after avoiding Him–  arms are always still open. Nappy or natural, dressed up or dressed down, overweight or slim, toned or flabby, smelling stinky or sweet, on my A game or a hot mess, walking righteous or straying off course, getting it right or when I’m way off the mark– God loves me, Jesus adores me, the Holy Ghost embraces me. And they love you too. Just as you are, right where you are. It’s a love beyond comprehension that we often forget, never truly embrace and fail to understand. It is that love that when I contemplate the reality of it, let go and  receive it and allow myself to be washed in it, that love  comforts, motivates and lifts me. And I sincerely pray that you, that I, that we will all be free, refreshed, healed, complete  and empowered in His love.


Love lifted me…and yet still I rise

With peace and blessings may you continue to rise always



Happy Thursday everyone! Alzheimer’s Awareness month is winding down. But you can still be alert and help fight Alzheimer’s year round. Check out the 2 newest posts sharing facts about Alzheimer’s on my health blog “When You Consider Your Body God’s Temple” at www.asalivingsacrifice.wordpress.com. Please feel free to comment or share with others. Hope it blesses you in some way! Have a greatly blessed day!

hula hoop exercise

What is it about exercise that causes such an aversion to it for so many people? I must admit, I shamefully count myself in that number. I mean I personally know the countless benefits to physical activity; I beg, scold and preach it to my own patients all the time. Yet at the end of the day I can’t say I consistently practice what I preach. Without fail at least 2 or 3 times a year I give myself the motivational and mental pep talk to begin and maintain a regular exercise regimen only to fizzle and die out 1-2 weeks.

What is it that makes some run the other way at the mention of doing a jumping exhausted person taking a break from exercisingjack or sit up? Is it fear? Is it the time commitment? Is it the cost or effort? Those things may factor in, but the truth of the matter is that exercise can be challenging and  just outright painful. As you move, stretch, arouse and agitate those muscles into becoming more active,  inevitably aches, soreness and pain creeps in. As the muscles experience increasing  intensity, speed and pressure, what is known as microtrauma to the muscle fibers occur and soreness comes uninvited. Yet despite the initial discomfort,  look at all the benefits to exercise that have been well documented. Exercise allows weight control, promotes  good heart, lung and  mental health, healthy skin, more youthful appearance, increased energy, improvement in general well-being, etc., etc., etc.–the list goes on.
It is quite apparent the benefits of movement far exceed the strain and effort we exert to do it.
In the same way, life inevitably brings trials, difficulties and burdens at different intensities without warning.

Yet God uses these experiences to help us grow in  spiritual maturity, develop intimacy with Him, increase our trust and faith and transform us into the best person He has designed us to be.  The Bible says that the light affliction we experience now momentarily, is
producing for us a more exceeding and external weight in glory (2 Corinthians 4:17). In other words from the perspective and vastness of eternity, the momentary struggles that plague this life are fleeting.


Female Aerobics Trainer With Weights Stepper ClipartNotice the words exceeding and eternal. Just as the benefits of physical exercise  far outweigh the temporary discomfort of the physical challenge, the benefits of experiencing life and beyond with Jesus Christ far outweigh  the difficulties we face if we choose to serve and partner with him. Every opportunity brings the potential for growth.

Furthermore, warming up before exercise has been shown to decrease muscle trauma. In the same way when we practice spiritual disciplines like prayer, daily reading and study of the Bible, meditating on God’s word and on the things of God, service to others and walking in humility, it builds our character.  We live a more fulfilling life with great purpose,  with our spiritual muscles “warmed up” in faith, trust and assurance to better sustain the traumas of life.

woman performing stretching exercise


Now I’m not denying that life is hard. I’m not guaranteeing that in living you won’t experience pain and trouble.
But as you fortify your spirit and stay connected to Jesus Christ, he will sustain you and carry you through. The benefits of exercise are temporary in that  despite our best efforts the body will age and breakdown. Yet when you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, although the body may pass on, we believe  in faith we will have the eternal benefit of having eternal life in heaven with our eternalstudent doing a handstandGod. There is no greater benefit than relationship and life with Jesus Christ.

So my friends physical exercise undeniably  brings  physical transformation. But being active with and for the Lord brings the best transformation of all– the beauty of looking, acting and being like him;  a vessel of  love and light that brings hope and healing to a dark world.

Ordinary life has a way of teaching us extraordinary lessons.

#Life lessons are lessons for life
#Life metaphors are metaphors for life

And yet still I rise……

With peace and blessings may you continue to rise always,

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Good morning! 
Check out the new blog post on my health blog When You Consider Your Body God’s Temple at http://www.asalivingsacrifice.wordpress.com.
June is Alzheimer’s awareness month and with 1 out of 9 people age 65 or older being affected by the disease, this is an issue that has touched most of us by way of family, friends, loved ones, coworkers, public figures, celebrities or associates in one way or another. Learn the facts and provide your support to help in finding a cure for this devastating disease.  God Bless!
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No donation is too small and every resource is invaluable in bringing hope and healing for a brighter future and restored life.

God Bless!
Dr. Tanesha Lawrence

Just last week as part of my regular workday routine, I squeezed into a crowded morning F train as one of millions of people heading to work in the city. Although I was being pressed by bodies on every side, I tried desperately to hold onto my heavy work bag, determined to not let it settle on the filthy floor of the train. Sometimes I let it hang low on my wrists close to my knees, sometimes I hoist it on my shoulders and I often had to shift the bag from one arm to the next in order to avoid overburdening one arm and equally balance the weight. The situation even required that I shift the entire position of my body just to stay grounded as I jolted with the movements of the train and the ebb and flow of the crowd entering and exiting the steel machine at each successive stop.

As I approached my stop, it came to mind that just like I gripped that bag on this seemingly regular weekday morning, I must have a strong hold on Jesus and my faith in God.  I may have to maneuver, shift and reorient at times as I’d done on my excursion to work, but the important thing is to not let go. Hold on and adjust in this life with a tight grip on the Lord of all. JUST HOLD ON! Many times on that short train ride, my arms got achingly tired, my back felt strained and I was resigned to drop that bag right where I stood, on the filth of the subway floor. Yet I’m proud to announce that my tenacity won out and I didn’t let go of that bag. I exited the train, bag firmly  in hand and went on my way. I had decided to hold on. I encourage you in the difficulties of life, highs and lows, pressures and pitfalls to hold on!

Nonetheless the less, if I’d dropped that bag I would have picked it up again. It wasn’t the end.  That’s the amazing thing about our Lord.  When we fall in our mess and the sins of this oppressed and  chaotic world, Jesus picks us up out of the filth, the shame and brokenness, bringing healing and freedom as he loves us ever so tenderly. Even if justice doesn’t always seem to come in this life, in the light of eternity all will be made right. Jesus always seeks to hold on to us, so my friend hold on to him!
# life’s metaphors are metaphors for life….and yet still I rise.

With peace and blessings may you continue to rise always,