Oh boy! I did it again.  Not even 5 minutes I get up off my knees praying to God about doing better and yet again I fall.   Actually over and over I fail God. Doesn’t He get tired of me?  No …instead in His infinite grace and mercy He picks me up.  He loves me wholly, purely and undeservedly and picks me up again.

This blog is simply  about my life, my journey, my experiences,  my thoughts.   So in essence  anything–childhood, life lessons, relationships, medicine, growth, etc. But ultimately because God is my life and Jesus Christ is my life source they have to be at the center of it all. They will certainly be making regular appearances.    This, as is everything in my life is all for God’s glory.

I have to fight to stay on my feet.  So many things vying to keep me down.  Even me.  But as God goes before be, walks beside me, guards behind me….yet still I rise!

With peace and blessings may you continue to rise always,




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