I See You Jesus #4

Posted: February 17, 2017 in Christianity, faith, God, Jesus Christ, spirituality, Uncategorized
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The glory of God is all around us if we would just take time to perceive it. I hope to share with you when time allows how I see God’s beauty, love and glory shining in my life and the life of others even in the most seemingly ordinary ways. Here we go…

A time of silence, solitude and sitting before God was in order. So I booked a quick solo island getaway to do just that. Excited for the warmth and serene environment, I headed straight to the beach shortly after checking in. Passing the tour desk I quickly glimpsed a couple talking to the tour agent. I honestly thought to myself: “that’s an odd couple” and continued on.

She was at least a foot taller than him…. and mind you that was in flats. She was black, while with him being olive skinned it was hard to tell his origins. With her height and solid build she seemed to overpower him. Seeing them a few times over my stay I wondered what things they shared in common, what other non apparent differences lie between them and what was the story behind their love?

On my final night at dinner they happen to be seated next to my table. In my curiosity I peaked over a few times.  The connection, chemistry and camaderie between them was undeniable.
In the end after seeing their apparent happiness throughout the weekend, their differences didn’t matter. His obvious reservedness was a compliment to her more outgoing nature and for now they just seem to “fit.” The other couple I saw on my last day before leaving paradise— the 4 foot little person with his 5 foot 8 partner– served to reiterate the point.

God has made us in our own unique beauty, but in His love for all of us we should all fit together in love for one another. Whether that love is romantic, familial, neighborly or just as fellow human beings, let us all live connected together despite our differences…. in the adhesive of LOVE… yep I see you Jesus.

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