Love Lifted Me

Posted: July 26, 2016 in Christianity, faith, God, Jesus Christ, religion, spirituality

The way I sleep with my eyes half open, sometimes snoring if I’m really tired– He loves that. The way I suck my tongue ( ask Caribbean people what this means) and squeeze my pillow– He adores it. That fiery side– yep He loves that spice. My funny looking second long toe– He thinks its adorable. My singing off key in the shower– melts His heart. The way I come to Him after avoiding Him–  arms are always still open. Nappy or natural, dressed up or dressed down, overweight or slim, toned or flabby, smelling stinky or sweet, on my A game or a hot mess, walking righteous or straying off course, getting it right or when I’m way off the mark– God loves me, Jesus adores me, the Holy Ghost embraces me. And they love you too. Just as you are, right where you are. It’s a love beyond comprehension that we often forget, never truly embrace and fail to understand. It is that love that when I contemplate the reality of it, let go and  receive it and allow myself to be washed in it, that love  comforts, motivates and lifts me. And I sincerely pray that you, that I, that we will all be free, refreshed, healed, complete  and empowered in His love.


Love lifted me…and yet still I rise

With peace and blessings may you continue to rise always




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