Help Bring Restoration to Victims of Sex Trafficking

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Christianity, faith, God, humanitarian, Jesus Christ, justice, nonprofit, Uncategorized

Sex trafficking continues to be an epidemic evil that destroys the lives of primarily women, children and even men around the world.
Restory NYC is 501 (c)3 a non-profit organization doing EPIC work at the forefront to help those who are victims of sex trafficking. These women hail from 30 countries worldwide, 70% of whom are mothers with an average age of 39.

Besides outreach rescue and economic empowerment, Restore NYC provides a safe home residence to some of these precious individuals. But they cannot do this monumental work without your help.
The organization is in need of supplies to maintain a comfortable and efficient living environment for its residents. In addition, monetary donations are always a needed blessing. Will you partner with me through my missionary non-profit, The Remnant Inc. to raise money to purchase supplies including computer paper, Clorox wipes, wet swiffers, body wash and other items for the Restore NY safe home?

Please visit and hit donate to make a donation. To find out more about the work being done by Restore NYC please visit

You can also make direct donations through their website. If you donate through the Restore NYC website please let me know or indicate on your donation that you are donating through affiliation with The Remnant Inc (for tracking purposes).
No donation is too small and every resource is invaluable in bringing hope and healing for a brighter future and restored life.

God Bless!
Dr. Tanesha Lawrence

  1. Nadine Riley says:

    Hi Tanesha

    Glad to see the impact you are making.

    I believe I have some of the items on your list. What’s the timeline on it?

    Have a good rest of the week.


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