Time Up! Eviction Served: Satan Ain’t Got Nothing in Me

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Christianity, faith, God, Jesus Christ, religion, spirituality, Uncategorized


You know how we can get. We are all guilty at some point. You start smelling yourself, your head gets too big and the next thing you know you’re so swollen with pride, your feet can’t touch the ground.

Let me give some quick scenarios: You see your ex’s new girlfriend. Your friends are dying to know what she looks like. Your description? “She’s not even that cute—she ain’t got nothing ON me!” Your job hires Bill for the position you think you deserved to get. Your perspective: “Hmph! Are they crazy? I’m more qualified for that job. Bill ain’t got nothing ON me!” The pastor preaches a sermon and you just started your first week of seminary. Filled with delusions of grandeur you think: “Why is he up there. I know I’m more gifted to do this. Pastor ain’t got nothing ON me!”

This phrase “ain’t got nothing ON me” is a common one in the English vernacular. Friends, coworkers and strangers alike use it. You may even remember the line, “King Kong ain’t got nothing ON me” that was famously uttered by well-known actor Denzel Washington in the popular film Training Day (have to admit I never quite got that line).
Yet while we are quick to try and show superiority by saying so and so has “nothing ON me,” Jesus, the one who is the true superior did one better. In speaking to his disciples just before he was betrayed, some bible translations quote him as saying,” I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing IN me” (John 14:30, New King James Version).

Jesus could boldly say that satan and all that he represents was not IN him. Pride was not In Jesus. Jealousy was not In him. Envy, anger, hatred, sin? Nope not there. All that is evil, all that is impure, all of the darkness that stems from the pits of hell had no place IN Jesus. The question for us is, how confidently can we say that satan has nothing IN us? We can never be perfect in our current human state, so we cannot say completely in this life that no form of evil exists In us. Jesus as God in human flesh was the only sinless person to walk the earth. He died on the cross for our sins and in doing so offers us the gift of salvation (deliverance from sin and the consequences of sin which eventually leads to eternal torment in hell) and reconciliation back to God. One day when Jesus returns to overthrow the devil permanently and destroy all evil from the earth, we will be perfect beings. What a day that will be! But until such time, are you daily getting closer to having less of satan and his evil ways IN you? Are you daily becoming more loving, honest, kind and humble? Are you filled with love, patience, goodness and light? Or are you filled with cruelty, dishonesty, deceit and wickedness?

Let us ever draw nearer to the place where we can say “satan has nothing IN me.” We certainly can’t do it on our own and trust that it will not happen overnight. But everyday let us strive to do better. Humble yourself before God. Let Him fill you with His love and the power of His Holy Spirit. Seek His guidance to becoming more like Jesus and all of the beauty that he is. And let Him transform you into the best that you can possibly be: the “you” where the ruler of darkness is NOT IN YOU!
Remember darkness cannot dwell where light exists…and yet still I rise.

With peace and blessings may you continue to rise always,

  1. franklin says:

    Well said!!

  2. Nadine Riley says:

    Thanks for your teachings…your messages always direct me to take a closer look within as I thrive to develop the character of Christ…

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